DKMS Operational User Guide

This operational user guide is enforced at DKMS Registry gGmbH and the DKMS donor centers DKMS Donor Center gGmbH in Germany (DKMS DE), Fundacja DKMS in Poland (DKMS PL), DKMS Foundation in the United Kingdom (DKMS UK), Fundación de Beneficencia Pública DKMS in Chile (DKMS CL), DKMS BMST Foundation India (DKMS BMST IN), DKMS Foundation NPC in South Africa (DKMS Africa) and DKMS in the United States of America (DKMS USA) - together referred to as DKMS. It describes the rules and procedures in place that have to be followed by transplant centers, search units and international registries using services of DKMS. This operational user guide may be amended by DKMS from time to time to take account of changes in medical practice, in operational or administrative procedures. DKMS will announce any change to this operational user guide on the DKMS Professionals’ Platform 30 days before coming into effect.
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